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Bureau of Air Accident Investigation

  • Who we are:
The Bureau of Air Accident Investigation (BAAI) is an independent entity established under the provisions of the Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations, 2002 to investigate accidents and incidents involving civil registered aircraft occurring in Malta. 
  • Objective
The objective of the Bureau is to investigate accidents and serious incidents, to determine the circumstances and the cause of such occurrences and to make any applicable safety recommendations that it considers could prevent their re-occurrence if implemented. By International Convention, the investigation does not apportion blame or liability.
The BAAI is not a regulatory authority and cannot therefore enforce its recommendations
  • Accident Investigator
The accident investigator is a qualified person who is an experienced professional pilot or aeronautical engineer. When assigned to an investigation by the Chief Inspector of Accidents, the investigator has the power to take signed statements from anyone he deems directly or indirectly involved with the accident.

The investigator may impound any article or document that is relevant to the investigation. He also has free and unrestricted access to any place, building or aircraft for the purpose of completing the investigation

  • The investigation Report
Considering the technical detail that the investigation must delve into: the interviewing of witnesses, corroboration of evidence and consultation of specialist organizations, it will be appreciated that the investigation report may take an appreciable time to produce.
Common to all reports, the anonymity of the persons involved is protected. If necessary, the report will contain safety recommendations. As soon as the investigation is concluded, the Chief Inspector of Accidents will send a copy of the draft report to persons or organizations whose reputations may be adversely affected. They will be allowed 28 days to make written representations before the report is finalized.
The final copy of the report is then uploaded on this website.
  • Report an accident
If you are a witness to or have been involved in a serious incident or accident in respect to a civil registered aircraft in Malta, your assistance in the conduct of the BAAI investigation is solicited.
A printable Accident Report Form may be down loaded and used to communicate the relevant information to the Bureau.
The Form may be posted to:
233, Republic Street
Valletta  VLT 1116
Conversely, you may contact the Bureau on +356 9938 2725
Thank you for your assistance.