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Corporate Services Directorate

Directorate Corporate Services  
The main aims are:

  • to offer support and advice to the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary and the departments and entities falling under the Ministry’s area of responsibility on corporate issues ensuring the most effective and efficient use of human and financial resources.
Procurement and Accounts Division 
  • The raising of local purchase orders, Structural Funds purchase orders, payment vouchers, schedules, transfer vouchers and debit advices;
  • The implementation of Inventory Control;
  • The implementation of stock control;
  • Control of Debtors and Creditors, Reporting of Prepayments, Accrued Expenses, Accrued/Deferred Income and Capital Commitments;
  • The submission of the accrual Cash Flow Statement;
  • The operation of the Fleet Management System for the issue of fuel requisitions and monitoring of CVA;
  • The acquisition of quotations and necessary approvals;
  • Submission of requests for Direct Order approvals to MFIN for the purchase of fully expensed vehicles in line with Public Procurement Regulations;
  • Follow up reports and recommendations issued by NAO and Internal Audit and Investigation Directorate;
  • Timely submission of the Annual Financial Plans to MFIN;
  • The preparation of the Monthly Revised Estimates of Ministry for Tourism, Quarterly Cash Flow Statement submitted to Treasury and Arrears of Revenue return submitted annually to the Accountant General and Budget Office;
  • The submission of End of Year Statements re Bank balances and Cash in Hand, Cash Losses and Stores Written off, Accruals Forecasts and B/L balance forecasts;
  • Replies to PQ’s in connection with financial matters related to the Ministry for Tourism;
  • The provision of suggestions, control and recommendations for the efficient use of financial resources and recommendation to Permanent Secretary and Budget Office for the transfer of funds from one item to another when necessary;
  • The functioning of the Departmental Contracts Committee for the scrutiny of Departmental Tendering Evaluation Reports; 
Travel Section
The Travel Section is responsible for the preparation of documents related to travel abroad by delegates from the Ministry and Departments/Directorates and the follow-up procedures following the return of delegates, including the presentation of relative documentation to the Treasury and the submission of claims for reimbursements to the Ministry for Finance, for expenditure incurred in respect of travel related to the EU Commission and Council. 
Human Resources & People Management Section
  • Responsible for the attendance sheets at the Department of Corporate Services and the Ministry for Tourism and the upkeep of vacation/sick leave records of all employees at the Ministry and the Department;
  • Responsible for Family Friendly Measures;
  • Monitoring Performance Management through the new Appraisal system;
  • Issuing and furnishing with Form A’s, contracts and personal details to Gozo Salaries, Inland Revenue and Inputting Overtime and Allowances into Dakar System;
  • Responsible for the Issuing and Provision of Engagement and Termination Forms to ETC and NI Forms to Social Security;
  • Keeping updated records in HRIMS and the preparation of the weekly and monthly employment returns. It also processes progressions of departmental and industrial grades in terms of the various collective agreements;
  • Keeping in order and filing of Personal Files;
  • Answering PQs related to HR;
  • Overseeing and coordinating the placement of students during the ‘Students Placement Programme’;
  • Responsible for Claims related to the Re-Imbursement of Salaries for the EU Funded Contracts;
  • Responsible for the Calls for Applications relating to vacancies that may arise from time to time within the Ministry, Departments or Authorities/Entities falling under the Ministry’s remit;
  • Monitoring and coordinating the Capacity Building Process: Liaising with The People & Standards Division (PSD) and implementing all Public Service regulations during the recruitment process;
  • Preparing and updating of the Human Resources Skills Development Strategy for the Ministry and its Entities through    
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