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Cap. 409              Malta Travel and Tourism Services Act​
S.L. 409.02          Protection of Consumers in respect of certain aspects of Timeshare,
                              Long-Term Holiday Product, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations

S.L. 409.03           Fees payable on the Filing of Judicial Acts in connection with Appeals Regulations
S.L. 409.04           Tourism Accommodation Establishments Regulations​
S.L. 409.05           Fees (Tourism) Regulations
S.L. 409.06           Malta Tourism Authority (Special Procedure) Regulations​
S.L. 409.07           Tourism Appeals Board Regulations
S.L. 409.08           Tourism Operations (General) Regulations
S.L. 409.09           Travel Operators and Organised Excursion Operators Regulations
S.L. 409.10           Host Family Accommodation Regulations​
S.L. 409.11           Holiday Premises Regulations
S.L. 409.12           Tourist Guides Regulations​
S.L. 409.13           Recreational Diving Services Regulations
S.L. 409.15           Catering Establishments Regulations
S.L. 409.16           Timeshare and Timeshare-like Products
                               Promotion (Licensing of OPC Representatives) Regulations

S.L. 409.17           Injunctions for the Protection of Interests of Consumers (Package Travel and
                              Protection of Buyers in Contracts for Time Sharing of Immovable Property) Regulations

S.L. 409.18           Package Travel Insolvency Fund Regulations​
S.L. 409.19           Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations ​


Cap. 478               MaltaFilm Commission Act​