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Competitions and Consumer appeals

The Appeals Tribunal shall be composed of the President who shall be a Judge, and two other members from a panel of ordinary members selected by the President.

There shall be a panel of six ordinary members, all with at least ten years relevant experience, appointed by the President of Malta on the advice of the Prime Minister, consisting of two economists, preferably one specialised in industrial organisation economics and the other in behavioural economics, a certified public accountant and three other persons with recognised competence and knowledge in competition law matters, consumer protection, industry and commerce.
The Appeals Tribunal shall be independent in the performance of its functions.
The Appeals Tribunal, presided by its President, shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine appeals from decisions, orders or measures of the Director General (Competition) and the Director General (Consumer Affairs) as provided in the Competition Act, the Consumer Affairs Act and any regulations made under the said Acts.
The determination of any case before the Appeals Tribunal shall be according to the unanimous opinion of the members deciding the case or by majority decision which majority must include the President.
The Appeals Tribunal shall have the powers and shall follow the procedures laid out in the provisions of thMalta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority Act and in the Second Schedule, the Competition Act and the Consumer Affairs Act and regulations made thereunder.​

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