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The Consumer Affairs Council has the following functions:

1.       To advise the Minister on measures for the promotion and protection of consumer interests;
2.       At the request of the Minister, to undertake or commission any study or research which may be necessary to promote consumer protection;
3.       To monitor the working and enforcement of laws that directly or indirectly affect the consumer in Malta;
4.       To act as a forum for bringing together those public authorities which in the exercise of their functions deal with situations of conflict between traders’ and consumers’ interests or have the responsibility to safeguard the interests of consumers, with a view to establishing a closer relationship of co-operation among the said public authorities in furthering the welfare of consumers;
5.       To monitor the development of consumer associations in Malta, and to draw up and review rules of practice for registered consumer associations for submission to the Minister;
6.       To examine and determine whether a consumer association has the requirements to be a registered consumer association in accordance with this Act; and
7.       To perform any other function or duty that may be assigned to it by the Minister or that may be assigned to the Council under this or any other law.
The Council is consulted by the Minister when making regulations about any matter relating to consumer affairs.​

Contact Information:

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Consumer Affairs Council
Mizzi House
National Road
Blata l- Bajda

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