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Submitting a Complaint

A consumer may submit a complaint either to the Consumer Affairs Office or to a registered Consumer Association.

The Consumer Affairs Office advises consumers/traders in general as to their rights and responsibilities in line with Consumer Protection Legislation.

Consumers may call the Office on freephone 80074400 or else tel 23592000 to enquire about any difficulty which they might be facing regarding a transaction effected.

Initially, a consumer is given advice and asked to deal directly with trader.

If not successful, a consumer can lodge a complaint with the Office, either in person, through an e-mail or letter.

The consumer has to submit the following documents to the Office:

  Other related documents.

The consumer will be asked to sign a declaration giving his/her consent that the Office can communicate consumer’s particulars to trader.

The Office will then mediate between the trader and the consumer to try and reach an amicable settlement.

If after 15 working days from date when complaint was submitted, mediation fails, consumer can submit his/her claim to the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Further information regarding procedure to submit a complaint directly to the Consumer Affairs can be obtained by accessing the Consumer and Competition website on

The Consumer Affairs Office is situated at the Mizzi House, National Road, Blata l-Bajda HMR9010 and its email address is

The Consumer Associations

The Consumers' Association of Malta was recognised by the Consumer Affairs Council as a registered Consumer Association as on 31st December 2008 in terms of the Consumer Affairs Act.

Information on how to submit a complaint to the Consumer Association can be obtained by accessing its website

One can also personally submit a complaint or seek advice by visiting their office which is situated at 47A South Street Valletta. The Association can also be reached by telephone on 21239091 or through the sending of an email to
The Association for Consumer Rights (Malta) wass recognised as a registered consumer association as from the 11th June 2012. The association can be contacted by email on
One can also personally submit a complaint or seek advice by visiting their office which is situated at Flat 4, Pope Pius XII, Flat 5, Mountbatten Street, Blata l-Bajda or by phoning 2124 8881/2124 6982.​

Contact Information:

Contact name Contact Name
Consumer Affairs Council
Mizzi House
National Road
Blata l- Bajda

Telephone Telephone