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Spinola Bay

  • Execute in an efficient manner all maintenance works, waste collection and cleansing carried out within these tourism zones. Co-ordinate aesthetic improvements, and improve environmental standards and eliminate safety hazards within these zones.
  • Address short term/long term needs with the express aim of adding value and improving the attractiveness of each tourism zone.
  • Improve organization of public areas and address concerns raised by the various stake holders including but not limited to the requests submitted by the regional committees.
  • Co-ordinate facilities to enhance the management of these tourist areas.
  • Support public and private initiatives and facilitate processes required.
  • Co-ordinate the Management of Constructions works within the Zones.
  • Propose and execute projects within the Zones.

Contact Information:

 Contact Name 
Foundation for Tourism Zone Development
Ministry for Tourism
233, Republic Street
Valletta  VLT 1116
+356 2291 5038