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Reference Number: PR172767, Press Release Issue Date: Dec 01, 2017
Institute of Tourism Studies to relocate itself and expand operations
During a press conference Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi explained the academic and organisational vision for the Institute of Tourism Studies.
The Government’s vision for the Institute is to develop a world class international educational institution in the field of hospitality and tourism studies, expand its operations from a locally focused campus that caters for 700 local students to an international campus having a capacity of 2,500 international and local students.
The Minister explained how this vision needs to be complemented with the Institute’s relocation to a larger campus that can be able to handle a larger number of students. The expansion would also require consolidation of the campus to one site, with more amenities and facilities. This expansion in infrastructural facilities would allow the Institute to develop further its curriculum to offer Level 6 and 7 courses and to introduce new areas of study.
The Institute aims to increase the current proportion of international students studying facrom the current 17%. This would eventually lead to the Institute being a self-sufficient educational institution and an internationally renowned hub in hospitality and tourism studies in the heart of the Mediterranean.
The Minister also announced that the Institute will soon sign new agreements with top renowned universities and institutions, raising the Institute’s level on an international scale.
For the academic vision to happen, the Institute will relocate itself to a temporary, larger campus situated at the ex-Air Malta offices site in Luqa. This would allow the number of students studying at the institute to increase and the institute to keep implementing its plans. The Minister announced that the relocation is being planned in consultation with the Malta Union of Teachers and the General Workers’ Union to make the move as smooth as possible. The cost for this temporary move will be incurred by DB Group.
The chosen temporary site is a government-owned site, accommodating the needs of the institute in one area, well connected to public transport, and will feature an increase in the Institute’s facilities. This would mean that the ITS’s campus will increase from the current 4,500sqm site to an 8,000sqm site.
The ITS will be operating from the ex-Air Malta offices until the Smart City campus is completed.
Separately, discussions are in the final stages with Smart City for the transfer of land to the Government.