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Ġnien l-Għarusa tal-Mosta


Originally this garden was inaugurated in 1975. During these last year’s this garden was abandoned and left in a deteriorating state. Thus, the Ministry of the Environment enacted a project involving the maintenance and embellishing of the garden and part of the Victoria Lines in order to restore it to its former glory. The garden is located at Mosta prior to the downhill road to Burmarrad. This garden has a total area of circa 3 hectares (23,700 m2). This garden is overlooking the villages of Bidnija, Wardija and Burmarrad. Adjacent to the Ġnien l-Għarusa tal-Mosta there’s a car park for visitors to park their car while relaxing in the garden.

Nearby this garden there is also the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts. During breaks and free time, students have the possibility to visit this garden and relax with their friends.

Ambjent Malta is installing new services which include:
  • CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)

These are being installed in order to monitor the whole area, improve the public safety, and reduce vandalism. These CCTV are also beneficial so one would enjoy the maximum benefits of this garden.
  • Irrigation System

There are several benefits when installing such system. Most of the important advantages of this system are that it will increases crop yield, protects scarcity, aids to grow better crops with enough water supply as crops require, improves water conditions in soil, increases the water amount of plant fibres and breaks up nutrients in order to make them accessible to the plants. This system will also keep moisture in the soil since it is essential for the sprouting of the seeds. This system will also allow us to keep plants and trees healthy during critical dry periods especially in summer. Although there are several benefits, choosing this system is economic and sustainable.
  • Electrical System

In the past, there was no installation of electrical system in this garden. Therefore, Ambjent Malta is installing this system to light the paths of the garden. This gives the public opportunity to enjoy and spend more time in the garden and be able to read information of plants and trees that are found in this specific garden.
The landscaping of the Ġnien L-Għarusa tal-Mosta is being improved. All the unstable and deteriorated walls within the garden premises are being repaired. This is important in order to aid in the conservation of soil and water. The entire floor finish of the garden is to be changed. New benches, gazebo, and children’s playing area shall be introduced in order to provide proper facilities for the public who visit and stay in this garden. Ambjent Malta is improving gradients within the garden for access for all. This facilitates access to all wheelchair users. It is also being planned that the existing reservoir shall be upgraded and restored in future.
Around 600 indigenous species such as Cupressus sempervines, Lantana spp., and Pinus pinea were planted in this garden. 55 mature olive trees were transplanted. Aboric culture intervention was performed on some of the trees that were already found in the ‘Ġnien L-Għarusa Tal-Mosta’. Most of the trees and plants that were planted are wind tolerant since this garden is very exposed to the elements.
One can also find the Victoria Lines bordering this garden. These were built by the British military in the late 19th Century. The Victoria Lines were planned to defence the Maltese ports and cross the island from coast to coast, from Fomm ir-riħ to Madliena. Today the part of Victoria Lines which borders the garden is being reinstated and restored by the Restoration Directorate.​