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A Tree for Every Birth and Vehicle

This is an initiative being implemented by Ambjent Malta and involves planting a tree or shrub for every child born in the Maltese Islands. 


The first planting phase within this initiative was carried out in spring 2018 and involved the island of Comino. Here a site was selected and planted with 3,000 indigenous trees and shrubs belong to 8 different species. These include nectar rich species and species that produce edible berries to help to attract pollinators and birds.


The operation was particularly challenging with the preparation and the logistics of organising the work. Machinery was taken to Comino on barges during various stages to carry all relevant equipment required for tree planting.


The land area identified for tree planting consisted of abandoned agricultural land covering an area of 1.7Ha. Prior to planting the land was tilled and a temporary irrigation system installed. Tree guards were mounted around all the trees to protect them from damage caused by rats and rabbits, which are found to be in great abundance on the island of Comino.  


The second planting phase took place in autumn 2018 where another 1,000 trees and shrubs are expected to be planted. More tree planting is taking place in various places around the Maltese Islands.