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The ViEnergy Project

ViEnergy is an environmental project targeting the viticulture and wine sectors. It is a sequel to the ProMed project which preceded it. Both projects fall under the interregional ITALIA – MALTA  programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) from the 2007 – 2013 budget. Funding is split as 85% from the ERDF and 15% from beneficiary.
The project aims at reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and to develop new technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources in the wine sector. Specifically it targets:
·        Reducing emissions
·        Reducing energy costs for production
·        Ecological waste disposal
·        Development of alternative income sources
·        Maintenance of results after project conclusion
ViEnergy is another milestone in the national quest to render the viticulture of the Maltese islands more sustainable both financially and environmentally. Sustaining and expanding the area covered with vines, which are green in the dry summer season, bequeaths an aesthetically pleasant countryside for the local inhabitants. It also enhances the tourist appeal of the regions concerned to a significant extent. 

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