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Cleansing and Maintenance Division

The Cleansing and Maintenance Division provides waste management services to Central Government and Local Councils, particularly Public Cleansing, in order to keep urban and non-urban areas free from litter and illegally dumped waste, thus enhancing the environment.
The environment is the common heritage of present and future generations and should be conserved and protected. The purpose of the Cleansing Directorate is to promote an environment free from refuse, rubbish, debris, litter, dirt or any other form of abandoned waste.
Units under the Cleansing and Maintenance Division responsibility :
  • Cleansing of Arterial Roads Unit
  • Cleansing of Public Areas and Open Spaces Unit
  • Beach Cleansing Unit
  • Cleansing of Public Conveniences Unit (Central Government premises only)
  • Maintenence of Rainwater Systems
  • Upkeep and Maintenance​
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The Clean and Upkeep mobile app is another medium for the Citizen to use in order to report rubbish dumps in Public areas or request maintenance services. The app gives you the ability to take pictures of the site and lets you enter details of location. If the client wishes to switch the mobile location on, the location is automatically sent with the message.

The Cleansing and Maintenance Division provides various cleansing and maintenance services to Central Government and Local Councils. The main purpose of the Cleansing and Maintenance Division is to keep urban and non-urban areas free from litter and illegal dumping and in good maintenance, thus, enhancing Malta’s environment. More information can be found at​.​


Contact Information:

 Contact Name
Cleansing and Maintenance Division
87, Tarxien Road,
Luqa, LQA1814