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The appellant shall, on filing of the appeal, pay the appropriate fee, as stipulated in the Fees (Tourism) Regulations, as follows:


Source of Appeal
Fee on Appeal
(a)     Appeal in respect of a Hotel, Tourist Village, Aparthotel, Hostel, Catering Establishment, Guest House, Holiday Premises, House for accommodation to tourists and House for lease to tourists, Incoming Tourism Agency, Travel Agency, Destination Management Company and Organised Excursion Operator
(b)     Appeal in respect of a Tourist Guide
(c)     Appeal in respect of any other Tourism operation
(d)     Additional appeal fee for each subsequent hearing after the first hearing
Amount equivalent to the initial fee
Information extracted from S.L 409.05
 Contact Information:
 Contact Name 
Dr Lynn Faure
Board Secretary
233, Republic Street
Valletta  VLT 1116
+356 2291 5017

Submission of Appeal & Payment
+356 2291 5017