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Accessible Tourism Malta

Fort St. Angelo


The project is entirely planned on the principle that tourism is a leisure experience that should be offered and enabled to all. It aims to develop a culture which will facilitate social tourism and accessibility for people with disabilities. Appropriate structures will be set up to foster the idea of inclusion. The project will focus on ways to improve the accessibility dimension of the tourism product and the service offer for the benefit of social tourists in Europe.

Mission and Vision


Setting up of a team within the participating National Authorities that will serve as a working group to promote social tourism and strengthening collaboration between tourism investors, including the employment of a focal point and an administrator;
Enhancing collaboration between Project partners, specifically four workshops in which two will be hosted in Malta, one will be hosted in Finland and another one to be hosted in Croatia.
Implementation of the relevant study that will improve the knowledge base to facilitate low season exchanges for people with disabilities. This audit will adhere to the procurement regulations as laid down in Maltese legislation. At the end of the study, the co-ordinating entity will have a database of established tourism zones and their accessibility measures.
Creation of a Web portal as a link to the CALYPSO web platform. This will facilitate the continuation of social tourism projects beyond the co-financing period, whereby the co-beneficiaries and non-beneficiary observer will support the development of the website.
Dissemination of information amongst tourists and local citizens who may be interested to travel and who fall under the category of social tourists.


This project is building on a previous, smaller accessibility audit conducted within the context of the CALYPSO work programme for 2010. One of the objectives of the 2010 project “URTS” – which included different partners - was to carry out a pilot study in a touristic area in Malta about the constraints and barriers social tourists face during travel. The project also researched and assessed the industry’s perception and knowledge about social tourism. “ACA” – the 2011 project – proposes amongst others an extension of the 2010 pilot study and will involve a national audit of the tourism product. People with disabilities face a number of challenges when travelling abroad, including lack of accessibility and extra costs to travel. The exercise will help to outline the current context of accessibility and propose improvements in the tourism sector. Moreover the results of the study will translate in a website helping social tourists make a better informed choice about their vacations. The final aim of the project, is to promote exchanges in low season in Europe, especially people with disabilities.


Contact Information:

 Contact Name 
Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection
233, Republic Street
Valletta VLT  1116
+356 2291 5900