The main functions are to offer support and advise to the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary and the departments and entities falling under the Ministry’s remit on corporate issues ensuring the most effective and efficient use of human and financial resources. 

Finance and Accounts Section

  • The Finance and Accounts section is primarily responsible for the management and administration of the Ministry’s budget, income and expenditure and also releasing of tranche payments to the various entities.

  • Responsible to collate and prepare the Ministry’s business plans, financial estimates, annual reports and monthly financial forecasts;

  • Follow up reports and recommendations issued by NAO and the Internal Audit and Investigation Directorate;

  • Reply to PQs in connection with financial matters related to the Ministry for Tourism;

Procurement Section

  • Responsible for the purchase of goods/services as required by the Ministry for Tourism and Public Cleanliness in line with the General Public Procurement Regulations.

  • Responsible for the fleet management of the ministry’s vehicles.

Travel Section

  • The Travel Section is responsible for the preparation of documents necessary for the Ministry’s delegates to travel abroad.

Human Resources & People Management Section

  • Responsible for the issuing of Calls for Applications relating to vacancies that may arise from time to time within the Ministry, Departments or Authorities/Entities falling under the Ministry’s remit;

  • Responsible for upkeep of attendances, vacation/sick leave records of all employees at the Ministry as well as the monitoring of work-life-balance measures as regulated by the PSMC;

  • Monitors the Performance Management of all employees;

  • Keeps updated records of the Ministry’s employees and regularly updates personal files in relation to progressions, promotions, contract extensions and salary increments according to the PSMC procedures;

  • Responsible for the payroll of Ministry employees;

  • Answering PQs related to HR;

  • Overseeing and coordinating the placement of students as per various students programmes;

  • Identifying training needs and providing training opportunities to staff within the Ministry.