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Mediterranean Conference Centre

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The 16th-century building, now the Mediterranean Conference Centre, has long been one of Valletta’s most remarkable landmarks. Located towards the tip of the Valletta peninsula, the MCC stands for distinction with magnificent views across the Grand Harbour.

The sheer size and scale of the building coupled with its conversion into a modern conference centre in 1979 make the MCC such an impressive architectural feat today. The sensitive and innovative restoration won international acclaim with the coveted ‘Europa Nostra’ Award for its successful blending of the fine old architecture with modern technology.

In addition to conferences, it offers one of the finest venues in the Mediterranean for a range of events including product launches, exhibitions, conventions, banquets and theatrical performances.

The Mediterranean Conference Centre is a rare example in the region of a heritage building functioning to the exacting demands of the 21st century. It is one of Europe’s largest conference centres within a historical setting.

For more information visit: https://mcc.com.mt/


Malta Tourism Authority

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The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) was formally set up by the Malta Travel and Tourism Service Act (1999). This clearly defines its role – extending it beyond that of international marketing to include a domestic, motivating, directional, co-ordinating and regulatory role. The Act strengthens the public and private partnership in tourism through greater and more direct participation by the private sector in national planning and development of the industry.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Malta Tourism Authority is to advance the economic and social activity of tourism in the national interest, by working with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable industry for current and future generations.

Our vision is to achieve a healthy, sustainable and equitable tourism sector for the Maltese Islands, attracting regular inflows of quality visitors throughout the year from a diverse range of source markets, whilst ensuring that those who choose our destination are served with professionalism and care.


The values which drive our vision and mission are those of QUALITY in everything we do, AUTHENTICITY in presenting the true character of our destination, COLLABORATION in partnering with stakeholders local and foreign, and LEADERSHIP in offering guidance and inspiration to those who operate in the tourism sector.


The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has a diverse role, but one which in essence is all about creating and fostering relationships. The MTA is the tourism industry’s regulator and motivator, its business partner, the country’s brand promoter, and is here to form, maintain and manage meaningful partnerships with all tourism stakeholders. Primarily, this means attracting visitors to the Islands, but also working closely alongside the private sector partners. Importantly, the MTA is also here to help strengthen the industry’s human resources, ensure the highest standards and quality of the Islands’ tourism product, and foster relations with local and international media.

Our Work

To promote and advance Malta as a tourism destination. To advise Government on tourism operations and to issue licences under the Act.To contribute toward the improvement of the level of human resources in the tourism industry. To advise government on the planning and development of the tourism industry as well as on the infrastructure supporting the industry.To assist and advise on any tourism-related issues and to undertake activities, events and projects to fulfil our role.

For further information visit: https://www.mta.com.mt/


Malta Film Commission

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The Malta Film Commission (MFC), set up in 2000, is the first point of contact for national and international filmmakers in Malta. As a government entity, the Commission aims to be the facilitator for film productions in Malta by providing support in location scouting and in searching for service partners within the industry. Moreover, MFC lobbies for film and promotes Malta as a film and production destination on a global scale, with the aim of attaining long-term benefits for the local film industry.

Malta offers various possibilities in such a small area, including certain valuable historical buildings, strong connections, and, most significantly, just short distances between each location. Foreign producers can hire film crews, actors and extras casting, production facilities, offices, construction, transportation, props and costumes, accommodation, catering, and other services from Malta’s production companies. Additionally, one of the major advantages is, of course, a highly qualified and skilled workforce that is linguistically adaptable and offers cost-effective services in comparison to other European countries. Malta is considered to be a place with fascinating backdrops, a talented workforce, reasonable rental rates for premises and technology, and relatively good privacy, all of which attract foreign actors and artists.

For further information visit: https://maltafilmcommission.com/.

Institute of Tourism Studies


Established in 1987, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) is Malta’s main educational institution for hospitality and tourism. Offering a wide range of study programmes from Foundation to Master’s Degree level, ITS provides students with both theoretical and practical education in specialised labs and kitchens.

As an affiliated partner with top international universities, including the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, ITS offers a comprehensive learning experience. In addition to academic studies, ITS provides opportunities for students to pursue further training and specialisations, equipping them with a competitive edge in the industry.

For further information visit https://its.edu.mt/.

Tourism Appeals Board​

The Tourism Appeals Board is appointed by the Prime Minister, and is regulated by the Malta Travel and Tourism Services Act​ (Ch. 409 of the Laws of Malta), and by S.L. 409.07​. It has jurisdiction to hear and determine all appeals made by any person aggrieved by any decision of the Malta Tourism Authority not to grant or renew, or to revoke, or to suspend a licence; or to impose conditions, limitations or exclusions therein or therefor; and to hear and determine all appeals made by any person aggrieved by any decision of the aforementioned Authority on any matter concerning the classification or reclassification of tourism operations and the enforcement of control.

For more information visit: https://www.tourismappealsboard.com/.