Dr. Glenn Bedingfield has been active in politics since his teenhood joining the Labour Party in 1988 as a local member of the Marsascala youth section. Rising up through the ranks within the Labour Party structures, Dr Bedingfield was appointed Secretary General of the newly set up Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti in 1994 and later elected as member of the National Executive of the Party.

He continued working within the Labour Party structures until 2008 when he was elected to the European Parliament to substitute the, then, Leader of the Labour Party Dr. Joseph Muscat. A lawyer by profession, Dr. Bedingfield also read a Diploma in Political Studies. He was also the first Chairman of the Kottonera Foundation, a government entity entrusted with piloting and implementing a strategy for the Three Cities.
He successfully contested his first General Election in 2017 and was returned to Parliament again in 2022. In 2020, Dr. Bedingfield was appointed Whip of the Parliamentary Group. During this period, he was also appointed to various Parliamentary roles including Chairman of the Adjunct Committee for the Consideration of Bills and Vice Chairman of the Committees, Member of the Public Accounts Committee and Chairman of the Foreign and European Affairs Committee till January 8th when he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleanliness.

Beyond the corridors of Government, Hon. Dr. Bedingfield is more than a politician; he is a family man, sharing his life with Charlene and cherishing his role as a father to Emma and Carla. With a diversified career and a commitment to public service, Hon. Dr. Glenn Bedingfield stands as a dedicated and accomplished figure in the Maltese political landscape.