Regulated by the Malta Travel and Tourism Services Act

Board Members

Chairperson:  Dr Ivan Sammut
Member/s:  Ms Laura Cunningham
Board Secretary:  TBA

Our Aim

The Tourism Appeals Board is appointed by the Prime Minister, and is regulated by the Malta Travel and Tourism Services Act (Ch. 409 of the Laws of Malta), and by S.L. 409.07. It has jurisdiction to hear and determine all appeals made by any person aggrieved by any decision of the Malta Tourism Authority not to grant or renew, or to revoke, or to suspend a licence; or to impose conditions, limitations or exclusions therein or therefor; and to hear and determine all appeals made by any person aggrieved by any decision of the aforementioned Authority on any matter concerning the classification or reclassification of tourism operations and the enforcement of control.

Click on the following links to view the Tourism Appeals Board Regulations and the Fees (Tourism) Regulations.

Required Documents Upon Submission of Appeal:

Via email:

  • Letter of Appeal

  • Proof of Payment of Fees

  • True copy of the Identity Card of the Appellant or Company Registration Certificate

  • Notice / Decision issued by MTA

Method of Payment:
Fees shall be made payable to the TOURISM APPEALS BOARD via bank transfer to the below bank account.

IBAN Number:

Appeals (containing all relevant documentation) should be delivered to the Secretary of the Board, within 15 days from receipt of the Malta Tourism Authority’s decision.

The appellant shall, on filing of the appeal, pay the appropriate fee, as stipulated in the Fees (Tourism) Regulations, as follows:

  • €232.94 – Appeal in respect of a Hotel, Tourist Village, Aparthotel, Hostel, Catering Establishment, Guest House, Holiday Premises, House for accommodation to tourists and House for lease to tourists, Incoming Tourism Agency, Travel Agency, Destination Management Company and Organised Excursion Operator

  • €116.47 – Appeal in respect of a Tourist Guide

  • €116.47 – Appeal in respect of any other Tourism operation

  • Amount Additional to the Initial Fee – Additional appeal fee for each subsequent hearing after the first hearing



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